Turn-key solutions for bikes, scooters and cars

We are becoming increasingly aware that our societies current way of mobilising itself is not only not efficient enough but also bad for the environment. After all, mobility must not only be flexible, but must also put the user’s needs first. At the same time, it must of course also be easy to manage and scale.

Our line of sharing solutions consists of sharing systems with different vehicles. Our WOW-Connect software enables you to connect to a sharing platform and thus make a wide and varied range of assets efficiently manageable and bookable. This software also includes a user-friendly app in which end users can book, pay for and open a shared vehicle.

Turn-key (e-)bike sharing system

Connect bikes and e-bikes in a sharing system with our WOW-Connect sharing software. All aspects of fleet management are literally at your fingertips.

Global software platform for shared mobility

All aspects of fleet management in one platform: easily manage and share your vehicles.