Smart life is a concept that is becoming increasingly important in our society. Smart mobility, smart environment, smart health, etc. In almost all segments of our society there is a growing need for automated processes and adapted technology to connect people, objects and locations. In a not so distant future, everything and everyone will be “smart” and connected.

At WOW-Mobility, we are more than aware of this trend and we are ready to contribute to this future. We do this by providing all-round solutions for different markets for a smarter, connected and more efficient society.

At the moment our focus is on innovative, turn-key solutions for smart mobility and infrastructure, digital rent and tourism. However, our technology is also applicable to many other domains. Using our user-friendly apps and a clear web interface you can easily manage assets such as vehicles or other objects, operate sharing systems or access controls and have customers reserve your assets and vehicles online.

Our mission and vision

Our vision is that everything and everyone will soon be connected. This is already quite visible at this moment and will be taken even further in the future. Our goal is to contribute to this connected world, without losing sight of the individual consumer. We see it as our mission to ensure that everyone has control over his or her connections.

Our moduls operandi

To achieve this, we have evolved into a B2B solutions company, while continuing to think together  with governments, cities, municipalities, companies and of course the end users as much as possible to see what their needs and worries are.

We want, among other things, a new form of multi-mobility, in which various providers and transport modes are integrated as much as possible. This way we help build a new mobility that focusses on user experience and user needs. User-friendliness and simplicity are paramount. Ideally, the consumer finds and books the entire range of mobility services in his city using only 1 app.

Our turnkey solutions include all needed hardware such as vehicles, charging stations or parking facilities, but we are also capable of connecting your own assets and devices. Integration with existing software packages is also possible for white label applications.

With our WOW solutions we strive for 100% customer satisfaction!

Our partners