We connect people, things and locations

WOW-Solutions is your smart life partner for smart mobility, smart infrastructure, IoT technology and more.

In a world where smart life is becoming more and more important, you can turn to WOW-Solutions for turn-key solutions for various markets, including those of smart mobility, IoT technology and smart infrastructure.

Since the increase in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the “Internet of Things” is undergoing explosive growth. Did you know that by 2020 no fewer than 30 billion devices will be connected worldwide? Because of this connection, we can always exchange real-time information and offer solutions to organize ourselves more intelligently and efficiently in any sector. This is smart life.

To be able to fulfil our ambition to offer all-round products, we developed our own IoT software: WOW-Connect. This is an asset and device management program that can be expanded with other modules such as a booking module, an end user management module and a service module. Using this software, WOW-Solutions is able to connect people, things and locations in an all-round solution that considerably simplifies both your life and that of your customers. Automated sharing systems with a handy app for the customer, access control systems whereby one card opens all doors, a smart bicycle parking that can tell you who has come to take out which bike and when, etc.

Welcome to WOW-Solutions, your smart life partner!


Global software platform for mobility
(sharing software)
Tool for the creation of tourist experiences with navigation and (audio)guides
Tourist route with audio guide on tablet


Are you looking for a customized project rather than a standard solution? Do you have a project in mind in which multiple transport modes are integrated (such as a Mobi point) or do you want to combine your existing range of products with one or more of our solutions? Do you have a software package in use that does not completely cover your needs and do you want to integrate this with our WOW-Connect software to create a all-round solution? Or are you perhaps even interested in becoming a distributor of our connected WOW-solutions?

Then we can deliver a customized solution that is entirely tailored to fit your needs.